Love this Tree!

When I was gifted this tree from King of Christmas I had no idea I would love it so much! I’ve had a couple artificial trees over the years and I will honestly say that this is by far my favorite! The flocking is beautiful, the branches are sturdy enough for heavy ornaments, and it’s just great quality. This particular tree came pre-lit and I haven’t had any issues. I will definitely be using this tree for many years to come. I decided to decorate this tree for three different seasons, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Which one is your favorite?

If you would like to order please use the link below and tag me in your Insta pics, I would love to see! Have a very Merry Christmas Friends!

7′ Prince Flock Artificial Christmas Tree with 400 Warm White LED Lights
from: King Of Christmas

We have Lambs!

It was quite the learning experience for us on the farm this year! We have two health lambs Macadamia (Mac) and Cashew (Cash). You just can’t help but smile when you see their cute faces!

Cash our little white lamb will be available this Spring/Summer if you’re interested in adding any babydoll sheep to your farm!

2020 The year we all stayed home!

Well, to say 2020 has been anything but CRAZY would be CRAZY!

It’s weird to have a year where literally everyone is affected. Honestly I’m ready to move on to 2021 and hopefully it will be less eventful. One of the hardest things to get used to is the kids being home from school. In addition to homeschool, my husband and I both own our own construction companies and have spent a good portion of this year working from home. Some days I literally take over my husbands office and he gets nothing done. I also find that when I work from home I tend to sit more. I’ve always been content just moving my laptop around the house working wherever it’s convenient, but when it’s a more of a permanent situation I needed my own space.

When FlexiSpot contacted me about collaborating and trying out their electric stand up desk work station I was so excited. My husband easily put it together and I love how I can sit or stand with the easy push of a button. My back and shoulders hurt less and I can easily move around. My only issue now is that my husband also LOVES my new desk. He is a home remodeler and spends hours working on drawings for customers, he loves how he can stand to work and not feel like he’s hunched over his desk. He tends to get headaches and sore shoulders from working at his desk too long and this has really helped.

If you work at a desk I would highly recommend the FlexiSpot electric workstations! They come in multiple colors and tops and can fit with any d├ęcor. To see the desk we received click on the link below.

I have been sent products from FlexiSpot to facilitate this post however, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links where I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial or link to some products from this website. Purchasing based on my recommendation is at buyers own discretion.

Flexispot Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, 55 x 28 Inches Whole-Piece Desk Ergonomic Memory Controller Standing Height Adjustable Desk Top Base (White Frame + 55″ White Top)

Welcome to Poppy’s Farmstead!

Hi Friends! Welcome to Poppy’s Farmstead! My hope for this is to share our farm shenanigans (there is never a dull moment) and give you an in-site to our everyday farm, work, kid juggling life. Some days are crazy, and others are well…..kinda boring! My husband grew up on property and had cows, sheep and chickens. I grew up in a neighborhood and had cats. It was always our dream to move to a country home so when the opportunity presented itself three years ago we decided to do it! We sold the home that we had spent fourteen years remodeling (in 3 days) and packed up and moved not too far away to ten acres in Oregon City.

The house was a mess! I’m not even exaggerating, it needed so much work! We spent the next two and a half years ripping out every wall, down to the studs, re-wiring, re-plumbing you name it, we did it. At one point the pipes under our home literally exploded and we found out that part of it had been jimmy rigged with a garden hose! Luckily my very handy hubby can build or fix anything! Which has been very good for me cause I can pretty much break anything, usually the vacuum. Check out some of our before and after photos below. The before pics were from when we toured prior to purchasing.

If you are one of my Instagram followers you know that designing and decorating our home is my true passion. It gives me a creative outlet for my desk sitting day job. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but it doesn’t really allow me to be very creative. During COVID I was working from home, everything was canceled, and I needed a hobby. BAD! I had always wanted to start an Instagram page and show off my decor ideas and design, but it’s scary to put yourself out there. What if no one liked them? What if my friends thought I was crazy? Would I actually get followers? I decided to throw all of that out the window and say heck with it, It’s 2020 and everything is already crazy, I can do something crazy too. So here I am! My hope is that I inspire you to step out of your box and be you!

Until next time Friends!