Farm Life

My husband had always wanted mini hairy cows, so last year we decided to add these cuties to the farm. We currently have 5 mini Highland Cattle on our farm. They include 4 cows, Penny, Bernadette, Amy, and Lucy, and 1 bull named Sheldon. Are you sensing a theme here? Our hope is to have our first baby in 2022.

Meet Ben and Jerry! Ben is a black ram and he is such a doll. He loves to be pet and will come right up to you for scratches. He is such a handsome boy and has a great disposition. Jerry is a white wether, he is a little more shy but is warming up. He is a great little companion. We hope to be adding ewes soon to start our program.

We love our goats! They are simply farm pets and help keep those pesky blackberry bushes from taking over. This is Mint and she is packed full of personality! She LOVES her people and will follow you anywhere. She came to us with our two Great Pyrenees and I kinda think that she thinks shes a dog. We currently have 8 goats of all different breeds.

We refer to our three mini donkeys as “the boys” and they are the sweetest. Bucky and Maverick were our first farm pet purchase when we moved to the farm. A year later we adopted Vinny the Mini from a local farm and he was the perfect addition to our little trio. It brings us such joy to see them out in the field or to hear them bray. They will follow you anywhere and they love their cookies!

Then there’s Stewy and LuLu! These two especially Stewy are the farm trouble makers. Stewy is so obnoxious I’m constantly threatening to turn him into bacon, don’t worry….I could never really do that 🙂 If you’ve never seen a pig run let me tell you he is fast! He will see us driving home and will run to the barn looking for treats. It’s really quite funny!